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Golden Gate Sharpening is a hockey skate sharpening, service, and repair shop in Northern California. My private shop serves the Sacramento, Bay Area, and Reno/Tahoe regions. I also accept mail orders from anywhere in the United States and Canada. I offer expert skate sharpening and profiling, skate and equipment repairs/rebuilds, Marsblade/roller hockey skate conversions, jersey repairs, skate baking/stretching/punching, and more. All services are done by appointment only. NOTE: My shop is not a hockey store. I do not sell skates, equipment, parts, or accessories. I only provide services.


With over a decade experience in the field, I guarantee top-quality work. I work with each client individually one on one in order to suit each skater's needs. Working with Golden Gate Sharpening is like having your own personal equipment manager! You will never be rushed or made to wait in a long shop line. I value quality over convenience, as all of my skate sharpenings, profilings, mounts, conversions, and repairs are done with care and detail. I strive to provide my clients with the best possible results to maximize their potential on the ice or court. All skates are be hand sharpened on one of my top-quality, Canadian-made skate sharpeners with precision. Every skate sharpening will have completely even edges and a smooth, polished finish for the best possible glide and on-ice performance. When profiling, I make sure that both runners are matched in height and have two identical profiles throughout their life. My shop features the same types of sharpeners and equipment you'd find in a hockey store or professional equipment manager's room. I use machines and equipment from Blademaster, Blackstone, Custom Skate Works, and SSM North America. I do not use cheap automatic machines that rely on convenience over quality. If you are looking for consistent skate sharpening and/or other hockey related services, make an appointment with Golden Gate Sharpening! Contact information located at the top of this site.
I accept cash, PayPal, and Venmo for payments. A full, non-refundable deposit is required to book any appointment.   


Two types of skate sharpening cuts are available:
the classic standard radius of hollow (Blademaster machine) 
and Flat Bottom V (Blackstone machine). These are the two most popular skate sharpening brands and my portable skate sharpeners are used by professional teams while they are on the road.
If you're unsure or new to skate sharpening, I will work with you to find out what cut suits your skating needs. Skate sharpening is recommended for about every ten hours of ice time, depending on personal preference and ability. Level edges and a smooth finishing pass are guaranteed every single time. If you are looking for a consistent skate sharpener that
will work with you, make an appointment today!




Replace your old or broken ice hockey holders, switch to a different style of holder, or change the size of your holders to suit your skating style. You provide the holders or they can be ordered in the shop. The cost covers labor and rivets only and does not include the new holders themselves. I can also build and install plastic lifts for an additional $25. These can be installed under the heel or toe of the holders to adjust pitch without profiling your steel.



Bake your brand new or second-hand skates to maximize the break-in process. After baking the skates, you will sit down for 15 minutes while the hot materials cool down around your feet. Baking is recommended for all newer mid-high end skates, as well as skates that were used and broken in from a previous skater. Contact with details and pictures to determine if your skates are able to be baked or not.
Baking is included in the full boot tune-up service.


Screen Shot 2023-03-11 at 5.23.17 PM.png




Often times, sets of steel are mismatched straight out of the box. One runner may be taller or they may have different shapes, as seen in the picture above.
Due to these inconsistencies in the manufacturing process, two pieces of brand new steel in the same package can vary greatly in both shape and height. This height-matching service will shape both sets of steel by putting them in a jig, then carefully cross grinding them down on a thin grinding wheel until both edges are completely uniform in both height and shape. This service does not include a profile, just a height match. This process is often overlooked and highly recommended for both player and goalie skates, especially with brand skates with new steel.




Convert your ice skates into roller skates or roller skates into ice skates. I can install Marsblade O1 & R1, Sprung, and traditional metal fixed roller hockey chassis. You provide the holders or roller chassis or they can be ordered in the shop. The cost covers the labor and rivets and does not include new holders or roller chassis. The price covers the installation of each pair of skates and swapping holders between two different pairs of skates is an additional $25.



Similar to baking, punching out skates helps speed up the break-in process of your skates. Your skates are heated up and problem areas are punched out with a hockey boot press. The process starts with a lighter press and if the problem area isn't resolved, a second heavier press on the same spot may be needed. This cannot make ill-fitting skates fit properly, rather adjust well-fitting skates to make them fit even better and eliminate any sore spots.





Profiling AKA contouring cuts steel runners into a specific shape (known as a radius) with certain amounts of steel touching the ice. Your steel runners are height-matched, profiled to the specific radius of choice, then finally sharpened. This profiling is done carefully by hand on the SSM Profil, which is quality Swedish made machine built for profiling. The cost includes full profiling AND maintenance of your profile. Your profile will be consistently maintained throughout during the entire lifespan of the runners. If you are unsure of which profile to get, I will work with you to establish one to suit your skating style. 7', 9', 9/10', 10', 11' and 13' radii are available for players and 26' and 28' are available for goalies. 



The full boot tune-up is a very popular service at the shop and will add life to your used skates. It will help your performance on the ice and save you the time, stress, and money from buying new skates. This process will include a fresh sharpening & profiling, full replacement of rivets and eyelets, any boot and tendon guard repairs, boot punching and/or baking, and a complete boot cleaning and detailing. Give your broken-in skates many more years of hockey!



All hockey parents know how fast kids grow out of their skates. Instead of spending much more on new skates and having your kid deal with the pain and frustration of breaking them in, this service can stretch a pair of youth skates 1/2 size in length and
width! Adult skates can be stretched up to one size in width (D to E, EE to EEE) and about 1/4-1/2 size in length. This is perfect for players that own skates that are slightly too narrow, but otherwise fit well.




I will use my network and selling experience to help you sell your used, good condition hockey or lacrosse equipment. I have made thousands of online sales since 1999 using eBay, SidelineSwap, and other online commerce sites. With rising equipment costs, expensive team fees, and fast growing kids, selling your hockey or lacrosse equipment online can help generate extra money to put toward new equipment or other financial dues. In addition, I can refurbish skates and pads in order to help you gain more profit on your used equipment. 
I will take all the pictures and create the online listings, then you will receive 50% of the total selling price (minus seller fees) after the sale is completed.


With 20 years of experience as a graphic designer, I can design your team's new jerseys, website, social media graphics, game day pictures, etc. I will work with you and your team to build the jerseys and/or social media page of team's dreams. In addition to game jerseys, I can design practice jerseys, custom pant shells, socks, full helmet decals, fan and team apparel, skate soakers, and bags. For all jerseys and apparel, I will work with the great folks at Jerzeys FX, JRZ, and Custom Sportswear to bring your team's creative visions to life. I can run your team's Instagram and/or Facebook page to update your players and fans with high-quality graphics and posts. Please contact me any time to get started!

All services are priced on a case by case basis.
All equipment services also apply to lacrosse!
NO cracked, broken, or soiled/moldy equipment!

-Palm/jersey/equipment repairs & modifications
(I do not repalm gloves. Use
-Extra protection for elbow, shoulder, and shin pads
-Jersey crest installation with pro zigzag stitching
-Individual steel/copper rivet or eyelet replacement
-Helmet hardware replacement and sanitization
-Equipment cleaning, sanitation, and refurbishing
-Tendon guard, eyelet, liner, and other boot repairs
-Custom heel & toe lifts for ice and roller skates
-Lacrosse head stringing (20+ years of experience)



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